Removing Red Kool Aid Stains in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and other areas

If you have a red stain that was caused by a red dyed drink like Kool-Aid and are wondering if it is a permanent stain, we’ll you’re in luck, it’s not! Here is the low down on how we professional carpet cleaners remove them.

Note: this is not a guide for removing red wine stain, which requires a different process that is equally easy. Check out my article on removing red wine stains.

First, check if your carpet is a natural or synthetic carpet. Most carpet these days is synthetic but if you’re not sure try this. Take a pair of tweasers and a grill or cigarette lighter, grab a fiber from the carpet put it in the tweasers, light the lighter and move the fibers towards the flame. If the fibers melt, the rug is synthetic and it passed the test. If the fibers burn and smell like burnt hair or burnt paper then it is a natural fiber and do not proceed with the following steps as it will likely bleach the carpet or rug.

Red stains from kool-aid are tough stains. We use a product called Red Relief that can be ordered online.
Once you have the product all you need is a clothes iron, a white rag, and a little water.

Here are the steps to removing it!

Step one: Lightly spray the red relief on the stain.
Step two: dampen the rag and use the iron to steam the rag on top of the stain for about 30 to 45 seconds. ( use a cheap iron bc this process may damage your iron)
Step 3 check the spot, it will be much lighter or gone totally, repeat if necessary.

If this sounds a little too involved, please call at 904-813-1401 and we’ll be happy to take care of it for you :)

Aaron Semmens