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Looking for an honest service company?  You are not alone and we created our money back guarantee because of you!  Our industry has been over-run with terrible service and delivery.   We care about you, the customer, and your family.  Your home represents you and we realize this.  Before I started our company I spent years working for one of the best carpet cleaners in Jacksonville.  He taught me everything he knew and then I learned even more from working with others.

I learned how to repair torn or severely damaged carpet by using a patch, correctly installing it!  I also saw how many carpet cleaners patched incorrectly and left behind seams that looked terrible.  When we bought our first van as a company we began quality carpet repair for apartments and residences all over the area.  We have grown allot since then.

I have had the privilege to train our team on the BEST ways to clean tile and carpets and how to do the best repairs in the business.  Its a common misconception if there is a burn mark in the carpet or bleach stain that the entire carpet must be replaced.  I assure you, most times a simple, less costly patch will do the trick!  Whether its removing red wine your friend spilled in your home in Deer Creek or patching the carpet you tore when you moved your new piano in to the living room, we have you covered.


Then watch the video below, one of our customers was skeptical we could back up our claims…here his thoughts in his own words!


Ready to get started and experience the most thorough cleaning ever?  Call 904-813-1401 and tell Jenny you want to schedule an appointment today.

-Aaron Semmens
President, icleancarpet.com



Excellence In Cleaning Guaranteed

I’ve cleaned hundreds of carpets and my most important objective has always been client satisfaction.  I take great pride in my work and make certain we do everything exactly right on every job.

I’ve even satisfied the self-proclaimed “Pickiest Customer in the World,” who prefers to remain nameless.  In fact, several of her neighbors have also called my company, because they said, ” If you can make her happy, you can make anybody happy.”

If I can please her, I’m confident that we can please YOU.  When we get done beautifying your carpet, if you see anything more we can do, just tell us and we’ll make it right.  I want to make friends as well as longtime clients.  I have clients whose children I have seen grow up and we now clean for them.  I’m not like most carpet cleaners who just come clean your carpet, and then as fast as can be, they’re on to the next job.  I want to be your personal carpet and upholstery cleaner for years to come.

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