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Upholstery Cleaning Jacksonville, FL

Ever spilled a red colored drink on your couch?  It is the NIGHTMARE of most people.

Couches these days, can cost upwards of 2-3000 dollars.  They come in all shapes and sizes and in all types. just walk into your nearest Pottery Barn or Ashley Furniture.  Leather, a favorite because of its durability to stains and upholstery, canvas, polyvinyl and other materials.  These couches aren’t your grandmothers old couch.  You don’t have to cover them in plastic either!

No, couches today come pre-treated with all sorts of chemicals designed to repel stains.  More often than not though they just don’t work.

What should you do if you spill something on your couch?

1. Grab a paper towel (that is SUPER absorbent)
2. Blot the stain as much as possible

3. Keep blotting until the stain no longer lifts onto the paper towel
4. Apply some water to the towel and see if you can blot it anymore

Next, you have a decision to make.  You can try vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide or other household off-the-shelf chemicals from your local store or you can call a professional upholstery cleaner.  You run the risk of bleaching your couch colors, or making the stain worse if you do use anything.

So what make a professional different?
Simply put, its our tools and knowledge.  We go to school and have years of on the job training learning how to remove stains like this.   We have the proper tools for the job as well.  Hot Hot HOT (did I mention HOT?) steam and water along with proprietary green (think safe for your pets and kids) chemicals are used when we clean it.  Most of the time, if the stain is fresh, and sometimes if it is not, we can get it out and restore your couch to good as new!

So when you hire us as your Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning company, also hire us to clean your upholstery too!

Call 904-813-1401 to schedule an appointment today!

Easy techniques for better Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

How will you feel when you discover that there is a stain on your new household furniture? For sure, it really is frustrating! Whether it’s a most loved stool or perhaps your family’s sofa, listed below are a number of techniques that could help you in avoiding this common problem and maintaining the overall look of your own furniture at its finest.

1. Check out the Label. Some individuals have the habit of reading the product labels when buying new household furniture, which can be a big oversight with regards to spot cleaning. Change the notion that each cleaning solution could be used. Special fabrics will need specialized care and attention in order to avoid shrinking, staining or some other issues.

2. Clean up Quick. The moment any spill happens, automatically blot- not wipe the discolored area by using a paper towel.

3.  Absorption. In case a spill has already been absorbed by the material, try blotting this using an alcohol or maybe dry cleaning solvent to get rid of the residue.

4.  Stain. Stains that are firmly set can be rinsed by a clear standard water along with a mild cleaning agent (in keeping with manufacturer’s recommendations) to try to be taken out. Having said that, you must also remove all traces of washing liquid so you can prevent stains from resurfacing. In addition avoid the usage of too much water as it could lead to alot more problems. Always test in a separate space first, even though manufacturer’s recommendations show water is acceptable.

5. Odors. There are a number of items already in the market which promise to take away or remove odors away from material; extreme caution is still advised when utilizing these. Many people rely heavily on perfumed smells to cover up the odors rather than eliminating the cause of it. Odors are often caused by organisms absorbed deeply towards the underlying material and may involve heavy cleaning to successfully get rid of odors.

Don’t risk in turning the bad circumstance into something even worse by carrying out this job by yourself. It is most appropriate if we seek the help of experts. In reality, it’s a great option to have your furniture cleaned simultaneously your carpets and rugs and also air vents every single year. Simply call iCleanCarpet.com , Jacksonville, FL to assist you to maintain that matter in upholstery cleaning.

Expert carpet cleaner Jacksonville FL – Recommendations for carpet stain removal

Your friends visited your home and everybody is drinking alcohol and also delighted till a glass of wine was spilled on your carpeting. You’re alarmed because you just bought your new carpet the other day. You’ve the broom, dust pan, Windex, paper towels, and also rubber gloves in their cleaning cabinet. Do you have to use any of it if you spill a glass of wine over the carpet in order to completely clean it up? You would only need these 3 things outlined down the page to be able to clean up all the liquefied spillage on your new carpet.

• A few clean cloth cloths. You should first, immediately soak up the excess fluid by having a clean soft towel. Use some weight utilizing your hands to the affected space and absorb just as much liquid as you can. You have to do this right after the spill takes place.

• Used Spray Bottle And Dish Soap

Put together Three to four drops of dish soap in a spray bottle then fill it with hot water. For the formula to be dispersed evenly, mix it by simply shaking the bottle and also mixing the soap with water. After that, it’s your choice if you should spray the affected area or maybe pour some of the mixed cure on your carpet where the spill occurred and then use a household spoon in order to agitate the mixture into the spilled portion on your carpet. Do not put on pressure by scrubbing up all the stained part for it may perhaps impair the fabric of the carpet, do so just enough to make sure the cleaning soap is treating the liquid.

• As soon as you’re through applying the soap, soak up all of the remaining liquid with another dry and clean towel. It’s important to absorb as much of the fluid as you possibly can and you shouldn’t leave any extra cleansing soap in your carpeting for this will probably just attract more dirt and then your carpeting will likely be a whole lot worse than before.

All of the methods stated previously are important for an urgent clean up. When you’re still unhappy with all the outcome you had obtained, you should pour a small amount of plain water on the area affected and then soak it up using a clean and dry cloth. Set the cloth in place then set some large books on top of it then leave it for a few hours. If perhaps the stain remained there then it’s time for you to hire an expert carpet cleaning service provider to treat the staining. Call iCleanCarpet.com in Jacksonville, FL, they are just right at the tip of your fingers.

Removing Red Kool Aid Stains in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and other areas

If you have a red stain that was caused by a red dyed drink like Kool-Aid and are wondering if it is a permanent stain, we’ll you’re in luck, it’s not! Here is the low down on how we professional carpet cleaners remove them.

Note: this is not a guide for removing red wine stain, which requires a different process that is equally easy. Check out my article on removing red wine stains.

First, check if your carpet is a natural or synthetic carpet. Most carpet these days is synthetic but if you’re not sure try this. Take a pair of tweasers and a grill or cigarette lighter, grab a fiber from the carpet put it in the tweasers, light the lighter and move the fibers towards the flame. If the fibers melt, the rug is synthetic and it passed the test. If the fibers burn and smell like burnt hair or burnt paper then it is a natural fiber and do not proceed with the following steps as it will likely bleach the carpet or rug.

Red stains from kool-aid are tough stains. We use a product called Red Relief that can be ordered online.
Once you have the product all you need is a clothes iron, a white rag, and a little water.

Here are the steps to removing it!

Step one: Lightly spray the red relief on the stain.
Step two: dampen the rag and use the iron to steam the rag on top of the stain for about 30 to 45 seconds. ( use a cheap iron bc this process may damage your iron)
Step 3 check the spot, it will be much lighter or gone totally, repeat if necessary.

If this sounds a little too involved, please call iCleanCarpet.com at 904-813-1401 and we’ll be happy to take care of it for you :)

Aaron Semmens

There are a couple of carpet cleaning secrets and techniques which you can utilize if you want to maintain your carpets looking fine, clean and also fresh. Stain cleansing agents as well as odor eliminators are often used and are very effective, however, if not employed appropriately, it can cause more harm than good on your carpet.

So that you can extend the life and beauty of your own rugs and carpet, you need to vacuum them meticulously and regularly (at least once if not more per week). You should little by little pass a high-powered vacuum on your carpets and rugs for it to be effectively cleaned. Moving too quickly can result in your carpeting and rugs not actually being cleaned.

In order to clean the carpet more efficiently, you must try to portion your carpet into quarters and clean one segment at a time. You must move over each portion of floor at least once in 2 directions. By using this, you’ll be able to eliminate all the dust which if left behind might deteriorate the fibers of one’s carpet and rugs.

Soap type cleansing agents as well as an excessive amount of water when used in getting rid of stains can in fact create new marks instead of taking out the existing ones. Sadly, some cleansing agents will stay even after drying out which could breakdown the flooring even further.

Additionally, you could push all the grime on your carpets and rugs much deeper by way of soaking it rather than getting rid of it all up. Even though the spots are eliminated, it is actually underneath the surface of the carpets and rugs ready to pull away back up.

To get rid of as much too much liquid from the carpet, you should immediately blot liquid spills by using a cloth. If this isn’t executed quickly, all of the leaks can become soaked into the bottom of your carpeting.

It is vital that you blot all the stains within your carpet instead of rubbing all of them. Rubbing the carpets and rugs may possibly drive the stains further into the carpets and rugs rather than lifting these from it. You need to be certain about the towel that you are making use of; this must be clean to be able to avoid the chance of adding much more stains to your carpets.

These are some do-it yourself tips however if you would like to have your carpet cleaning done professionally and Guaranteed call us at 904-813-1401

iCleanCarpet.com, Jacksonville, FL is actually a click away! Give us a call today and we’ll fix all your carpet-cleaning issues.


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